!! Currently not working because of Google Takeout exported data change !!

Learn how to backup your YouTube playlists so you can recover video information when it becomes deleted or private

Go to Google Takeout

Use Google Takeout to do the backup. It's official Google service and it's completely free.

Google Takeout url in browser address bar

Select data to include

First Deselect all products.

Scroll down and check only YouTube and YouTube Music.
Click on All YouTube data included.

Overlay will open, select only playlists, confirm and overlay will close.
Hit the blue Next step button at the end of the section.

Create export

  • Delivery method

    You can download backup archive directly via email link or let it upload to a cloud, it's up to you.

  • Frequency

    Choose backup frequency. It's quite handy setting automatic export option if every 2 months is enough for you.

  • File type & size

    You can keep this settings as they are by default.

Finally click on Create export button.

Creating export is usually pretty fast, about 5 minutes max. You can leave the page opened, you will see when it's done or close it and wait for email.

Analyze export

Download and unzip the exported archive. In the Takeout folder you can find the playlists folder where all your playlists are saved.

From now on, if you find out some YouTube video in your playlist was deleted, you can recover video information here